Vaulted - Gold & Silver Investment App

Buy physical gold with the tap of a finger

Vaulted is the gold and silver investment app designed to empower your financial future. Buy metals with ease, hedge against market instability, and take delivery whenever you desire.

Purchase Pure Gold and Silver

stored in the world's most secure vaults

Join the Professional Market

with the lowest transaction fees anywhere

Take Delivery of Your Kilo Bar

or smaller coins and bars, whatever you prefer

Own Specific Serial-Numbered Bars

with no pooling, leasing, or counterparty risk

Gain Full Autonomy

over your precious metals holdings

Contact Your Personal Advisor

for entry points and portfolio guidance

Boost your portfolio with gold and silver as a hedge against the volatile market.

Upgrade your gold and silver investments effortlessly—Vaulted is the preferred choice for individuals and institutions.

  • Best cost structure in the industry. Tell me more
  • Direct guidance from precious metals experts
  • Industry-leading standards of security and privacy

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Years in Business
50 +
Access vaults that store
of gold and silver
Connect to markets that trade
every year

Vaulted’s modern and user friendly platform unlocks access to purchase physical gold and silver in the world’s most secure vaults. Created by McAlvany Financial Group, America’s foremost precious metals firm trusted by 50,000 clients over 50 years, Vaulted gives you unparalleled access to purchase precious metals with confidence.

The Most Secure Vaults in the World Are Yours

Vaulted gold remains securely locked at the Royal Canadian Mint, where it was manufactured and certified conflict-free, until you choose to have it delivered to your doorstep. You can also instantly sell your gold and transfer the money wherever you desire.

Vaulted silver is allocated to pure 1,000 oz London Good Delivery Bars at HSBC Bank where they are physically segregated from all other inventory. Each bar has a unique serial number which is tracked and reported in the Vaulted app for your clarity and security.

Access to gold and silver 24/7

Vaulted makes physical gold and silver ownership accessible and convenient for everyone! Buying and selling gold and silver in the Vaulted app is as easy as moving funds from one account to another. Gain access to the world's most secure investment with the tap of a finger.
  • Buy physical gold as an investment with serialized bars from your phone in 3 easy steps. Tell me more
  • Direct guidance from precious metals experts on how to buy gold as an investment.
  • Industry-leading standards of security and privacy with access to buy pure gold bars with the tap of a finger.

There's a better way to bank

Your cash loses purchasing power every day it sits in a bank. Gold, on the other hand, has retained its value for thousands of years. Gold is a currency, which allows investors to leverage Vaulted as a banking alternative.

When stocks dive and currencies fail, your gold remains safe. Put your savings to work. Vaulted is the key to lasting savings you can rely on.

Effortlessly save with VaultPlan

VaultPlan puts you in control over your savings by automatically adding to your gold and silver investments every month. Saving becomes effortless! Once you set it up, VaultPlan does the rest.

Setup Your VaultPlan

No matter how much you invest, rest assured we are not wasting your money on fees

Our pricing is transparent, trustworthy, and affordable. Vaulted is able to minimize fees by using cutting-edge technology, eliminating unnecessary middlemen, and keeping overhead costs low. We pass those efficiencies on to you.

Our Technology

The Vaulted platform is designed and maintained by the same team that built core infrastructure for Microsoft, Google, and Ernst & Young. Our regulatory team managed due diligence at top banking institutions such as UBS, Rothschild, and Goldman Sachs.

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