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Vaulted is a mobile platform for investing in allocated and deliverable physical gold. Buy and secure gold with ease, and gain full control over securing your financial future.

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Grow your portfolio by using gold as a hedge against the frothy market.

Vaulted is the best way for individual and institutional investors to invest in physical gold.

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  • Direct guidance from precious metals experts
  • Industry-leading standards of security and privacy

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Gold Bounces on U.S. Dollar Weakness

Gold took a $35 jump after struggling to escape the $1,800 range, alongside strength in equities and cryptocurrency markets.

Key Takeaways:

  • If gold puts in a higher high on this rally, the price would be on its way regain June losses.
  • The U.S. Dollar Index dropped below its rising channel after the RSI divergence last week, giving gold a boost.
  • Companies are protecting their margins by passing higher costs to consumers. Despite record inflation, consumer demand for goods has also been rising.
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Gold’s Tug-of-War

Bullish stock market sentiment and unexpected U.S. Dollar strength are putting pressure on gold, while increased volatility in the equities and bond markets support safe haven demand for the yellow metal.

Key Takeaways:

  • The economy seems to encounter new risks every day, from the rise of COVID-19’s delta variant to extended supply shortages and record inflation numbers.
  • U.S. Dollar strength and bullish stock sentiment are creating headwinds for gold, delaying the escape from its year-long correction phase.
  • Gold proved its value as a stable safe haven on Monday, emerging as one of the only winners during the sudden market volatility.
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The Real Risk of Inflation

The fallout from COVID-19 may be reversing the long-term trend of low inflation, which has dominated the U.S. economy for decades.

Key Takeaways:

  • The CPI surged almost 1% in June, the fastest rate in 13 years. Consumer prices have risen 5.4% over the last year.
  • Two variables that have helped suppress inflation for decades might be reversing, which will create major problems for a financial system that runs on cheap money.
  • As global markets face the risk of exorbitant public debt combined with rising interest rates, investors are starting to reconsider portfolio allocation strategies.
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The world's most secure vault is yours

Vaulted Gold remains securely locked at the Royal Canadian Mint, where it was manufactured and certified conflict-free, until you choose to have it delivered via FedEx within one week. You can also instantly sell your gold and transfer the money wherever you desire.

Access to gold 24/7

Vaulted makes physical gold ownership accessible and convenient for everyone! Buying and selling gold in the Vaulted web app is as easy as moving funds from one account to another. Gain access to the world's most secure investment with the tap of a finger.

There's a better way to bank

Your cash loses purchasing power every day it sits in a bank. Gold, on the other hand, has retained its value for thousands of years. Gold is currency, which allows investors to leverage Vaulted as a revenue-generating, fully liquid banking alternative.

When stocks dive and currencies fail, your gold will remain safe. Put your money to work. Vaulted is the key to lasting savings you can rely on.

Effortlessly save with VaultPlan

VaultPlan puts you in control over your savings by automatically purchasing gold monthly or every two weeks on the date that you specify. Saving with a VaultPlan is effortless! Once you have the plan set up, Vaulted does the rest.

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No matter how much you invest, rest assured we are not wasting your money on fees

Our pricing is transparent, trustworthy, and affordable. Vaulted is able to minimize fees by using cutting-edge technology, eliminating unnecessary middlemen, keeping overhead costs low, and storing gold bars directly at their manufacturer, the Royal Canadian Mint. We pass those efficiencies on to you.